Human-first customer centric chat support

Introbox is a total customer support solution - that means the human and the software. You control the settings!

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No need to manage your own agents!

Introbox is a full consumer centric solution for businesses' customer service needs

We're Not Robots

We’re not robots who pretend to find the right answer. We’re real humans, experts who have empathy with your customers, we always understand their intents.

24/7 Smart Support

We use machine learning to make real humans more efficient. We provide support, and the right answers.

Cost Effective

We’re up to 50x cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to manage your live chat. And you get access to our entire team of live chat agents and experts!

Intelligent Optimization

Your dedicated account manager will work hand-in-hand to continually optimize your FAQ database & your live chat service.

Support your customers

We upload your FAQs and data into our knowledge bank which we call The Hive

Share knowledge

Our custom built dashboard lets agents answer tough questions fast, they never have to solve more than once. The dashboard lets you control the tonality, the message reaches your customers your way

We scale with you

You have the flexibility to Add-on-Demand. We deal in concurrent chat so you can scale-up instantly!

Grow Smart

Humans are great for empathy and understanding in a consumer centric world, our machine learning provides efficiency and scale that makes the whole thing work.

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A plan for every Size

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Plan features Intro-Start Intro-Ultimate Intro-Enterprise
Advanced reporting Week/month Week/month Day/week/month
Lead ticket forwarding
Setup charges $500.00 $250.00 Free
Account Manager
Desktop, Mobile, App, mesenger & whatsapp integration
Dynamic pre chat
Chat software $50.00/month/user $25.00/month/user Free
FAQ's / Responses 75 150 Unlimited
Support hours 24/7/365 24/7/365 24/7/365
No of meaningful chats up to 250 up to 700 Talk to Us
Monthly charges $500.00 $1000.00 Talk to Us

Charge/extra chat $2/chat $1.5/chat Talk to Us
Alan maynard
Answers in less than 18 hours
02:49 pm
Hey iam Alan ! Iam here to help. What can i do for you ?
02:48 pm
Hello, someone out there ? I could use some help